Landsail LS188+ 175/65R14 82H available in COVENTRY

LSAIL 175/65R14 82H LS188+



LSAIL 175/65R14 82H LS188+

High performance for smaller cars
Fully fitted price: £32.00


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Designed for smaller passenger car applications and ideally suited to urban and motorway driving. The LS188+ offers a good balance of performance in demanding driving conditions.
Advanced Tread Compound
Our advanced silica tread compound boosts rolling resistance and helps improve fuel efficiency
Optimized Tread Design
Our computer-aided design has optimized the tread pitch and alignment reducing road noise levels at higher speeds
Lateral and Longitudinal Grooves
Deliver smooth handling and better control on dry and wet roads
Wet Grip Sipes and Grooves
Added sipes and grooves improves hydroplaning resistance and better handling on wet roads
Dry Grip
Tread design creates a much larger contact area allowing better stability, cornering and control





H (Max Speed: 130mph)

82 (Max Load: 475kg)