Firestone Firehawk SZ90μ RFT 245/40R18 93Y available in COVENTRY

FSTONE 245/40R18 93Y FH SZ90 RFT Run-flat Tyre


Firehawk SZ90μ RFT

FSTONE 245/40R18 93Y FH SZ90 RFT

Don't let a puncture stop you
Fully fitted price: £133.00


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Let nothing stand in your way. Not even a flat tyre! The all-new Firehawk SZ90μ RFT gives you the fun of optimum performance combined with the added safety, freedom and peace-of-mind of a tyre with Run-Flat Technology. The tyre's reinforced sidewall supports the weight of your car, even in the event of a sudden loss of pressure, for maximum stability and control. Enjoy the freedom of driving up to 80km at 80kph on flat tyres and get rid of that spare tyre for good!

  • Extended mobility with run-flat technology
  • Excellent handling and cornering grip both on wet and dry
  • Dynamic, sporty design





Y (Max Speed: 186mph)

93 (Max Load: 650kg)